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I’m respecting your privacy by knocking, but asserting my authority as your father by coming in anywayyyy.

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Without your glow, I couldn’t shine.

As if I’m the one you love,
or the one you want to fix?
are you in love with me,
or what you believed me to be?

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How a friendship falls apart
Best friends forever
or at least until you’re in a new grade
it’s a new year and you aren’t in any classes together
and you don’t sit at the same lunch table
see you tomorrows turn into see you next weeks
that turn into see you soon
you wait for an invitation for a party that never comes
you wait to be included to have some fun
sleepovers, get togethers, frozurt.
it never comes
its been a while..
you’re hearing bad things about one-another
saying bad things about one-another
indirect tweeting
sending each other hate on Ask.fm
You don’t even know what your “best friend forever’s” favorite color is anymore
what are you doing tomorrow
never comes into question
the next thing you know
your blocked on facebook.
you’re receiving dirty and unnecessary looks from across the cafeteria
and that’s how a friendship falls apart

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The journey begins as I open the front door surprised by the fact that I see someone in the distance… but is it safe to ask who this being is, or even to acknowledge that I’m here. What if its a solider from who knows where, what if it’s a zombie like I’ve read about in books or have seen in movies?  Oh well, that’s the way I have to walk, and you have to do what you have to do… As I approached the being, it was clear to me it was a teenage boy, who looked about my age, carrying a little girl who looked to have been younger than 5. “Who are you?” he shouted at me
I looked around, ”Who am I? Who are you!” I stopped.
he continued to walk at me with a very uneasy look on his face. As he was standing there with the child on his back, not 10 feet in front of me he started to say what I think was his name “Thomas, Thomas Carson.”
"Your name?" I replied back in question.
"Yes, and this is my sister, Lydia. Who are you, might I ask?"
"Lorna Alayna." I stated my name like I was being interrogated, he continued to ask me more and more questions, I really didn’t feel comfortable answering one in particular, "Do you have a boyfriend?" he asked me
"Why is that even important right now?" I thought to myself but replied with, "I’m 14, what does it matter."
The sudden rush of pain overcame me. I feel faint. Suddenly I collapsed

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I haven’t eaten in weeks.. or days.. I’m not really sure, the last time I knew the date it was April 27th 2035, and that was the day or even the week before I woke up without any knowledge of where my family, my neighbors, my teachers or shop keepers were. There’s no electricity or even people around. “I need to find food, but I shouldn’t leave the lonely shelter, I use to call home without some sort of weapon.” I thought to myself, looking for some blunt object I could use to strike a zombie if needed.
"Yes!" I said aloud picking up a metal baseball bat, my older brother, Columbus, used for his school’s baseball team.  

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I’m too young to understand the reason why our economy collapsed and why everyone went into some sort of frenzy. But before the collapse, this place was a crowded boardwalk and an over populated shore; now it’s just a cold, lonely place. Why was I left here? Where did my family go? All these questions I don’t think will ever be more important than the one I am always afraid to answer… Am I going to survive here?

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